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  • We are celebrating ten successful years in business and want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for all of their fantastic support in helping to make Tartine the success that it has been

    Our mission is still as relevant today as it was back when we started... to serve delicious, affordable food that will make guests return time after time.

    Since 2009 Tartine has gone from strength to strength, with owner and chef, Gary Stewart, crediting the restaurant's success to the loyal and dedicated staff it boasts.

    Gary said: “We have an amazing team at Tartine, they all work very hard to make our restaurant a success and to be celebrating ten years in business is such an achievement, but one that wouldn't be possible without customer support.”

    A celebratory party was held recently where Gary give the staff the night off and brought in Robert Curley of ‘Slemish Market Supper Club’ to cater.

    Gary said: “This was my way of thanking the staff for all their hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure to have Robert come to Tartine and prepare a three course menu using produce grown by Slemish Market Garden.”

    Tartine Cake 10 yr.JPG