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  • Shortly after getting engaged staff at the Bushmills Distillery recommended that we try Tartine for something to eat.That night we had dinner at your restaurant and fell in love with the place. We both new it would be perfect for our wedding reception and we were right!
    Gary and Paul from the very beginning you were both exceptionally helpful and friendly, a collaboration that exceeded our expectations.
    This allowed us to make the day just how we wanted it and what a fantastic day it was.. 
    Tartine was magical. 
    All of our guests personally expressed to us their delight with the exceptional quality of the food and the outstanding service.
    Everything was perfect.
    You helped to make our wedding day extra special.
    I also suspect that you may have more visitors as many guests said that they wanted to return.
    Thanks so much for everything
    Lots of love
    Siovhan and Michael